About CBP

- Your value-adding partner


We share our expertise and provide you with tailored consulting suitable for your shop.

We help you with business development and provide marketing support that can reinforce your day-to-day operations and profitability.

We make available to you our year-long experience in the development of products and concepts — from idea to finished product.

We call this a good partnership.


CBP is distinguished by being a value-adding cooperation partner which...
  • Acts as a facilitator and mediator of knowledge in food trends, user and marketing insights to our cooperation partners (customers and suppliers)
  • Contributes with problem-solving competencies and develops concepts targeted to consumers, segments and channels
  • Assists customers with expertise and tailored consulting, business development and marketing support that can reinforce their operations and profitability

Value-adding and profitable

 - ingredients and bakery solutions

Our marketing strategy

CBP’s unique and thereby decisive competitive advantage is based on the core service of sale and distribution and on a wide range of quality-assured products, where we are simultaneously “close” to the customer and have a focus on a high service level.

With its position “right in the middle” of the entire supply chain and its year-long accumulated “know-how” in the market and bakery solutions, CBP can be a coordinating, gathering and facilitating link, which, based on a portfolio of exclusive external cooperation partners and the needs and desires of each individual customer, can put together a tailored range or concept — that is fully designed for the end-user.