We want to take responsibility

Sustainability is high on the agenda at CBP. We want to take our share of the responsibility and contribute to solving the global health and sustainability challenges. We do this by developing healthier food products, reducing food waste and launching new products that represent good environmental choices in everyday life.

At CBP, we have identified a number of initiatives that contribute to working with Orkla's goals.

Our focus areas are:
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Food and product safety
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Environmental considerations
  • Caring for people and society

Proof of sustainability
CBP sells several products that have certifications and is constantly working to obtain a number of internationally recognized certifications as a wholesaler:

UTZ: Sustainable cultivation of cocoa, coffee and tea
RSPO: Responsibly produced palm oil

We are now registered with the organizations behind UTZ and RSPO, and can thus be an even more sustainable partner and deliver certified goods where the value chain is not broken until the goods reach your door in the bakery.

CBP and sustanability

More eco-friendly packaging
Our coffee mugs are now FSC-labelled and biodegradable, and we offer plastic trays in 95% recycled plastic.

We have changed our series of brown bags so that they are now manufactured in PEFC-labelled paper. The same is happening with our white bags and our standard series.

Smarter cooling for waiting lorries
Every day we load our lorries during the day and then send them off to our customers during the night. It can take between 4 and 9 hours from loading to departure of a loaded lorry, and since we must naturally keep the goods chilled for the entire time, the cooling installation burns a lot of diesel fuel.

This is why we have installed outdoor power outlets that make it possible for the cooling systems of the lorries to run on electricity instead of diesel while they are waiting for departure. This saves a lot of CO2.

Orkla and sustainability

At Orkla, we are constantly making progress in our efforts to integrate sustainability into our activities. Sustainability is an increasingly important source of innovation and growth.

Nutrition & Health

Make it easier to live healthy.

Food & safety

Safe products are a matter of trust.

Sustainable procurement

Collaboration for sustainable raw materials.

Environmental considerations

A strong commitment to the environment.

caring for each other

Strong local commitment to sustainability.