We have a warehouse of 12,000 m2 with dry storage, cold storage and freezer facilities.

We handle 40,000 tonnes in/out of the warehouse every year.

We deliver to more than 500 bakeries.

We dispatch 57,000 orders every year. 

We pick 736,000 order lines every year.
  • 90 years of experience in the supply of quality raw materials for bread and cake production
  • We are specialists in ingredients, non-food and bakery solutions
  • We have been part of Orkla since 1999
  • We are a market leader among artisan bakers
  • We hold a strong position in Instore retailers Coop and Dagrofa
  • We have growing sales to the industry/semi-industry segment 
  • We support OOH/Foodservice kitchens and bakeries
  • We have an annual turnover of + DKK 430 million
  • We have 100 employees

CBP Values


We have a passion for bakery ingredients and solutions. We are committed and have courage for innovation, development and change so we can deliver value-adding solutions to our customers.


We develop people and create value through a form of leadership that involves, motivates and gives job satisfaction. Mutual respect and trust are our daily round.


We engage in “Responsible sourcing” in the value chain. We source, facilitate, develop and distribute with a great responsibility. Service, logistics and profitability are key words in the chain.


We maintain a high service level and high quality in everything we do and, and we constantly focus on improvements. We create high-quality marketable solutions. We are certified and comply with the high quality requirements placed by Orkla on quality management in the value chain, and we are audited annually.


We are an innovative partner that creates growth and profitability for our customers. Together with our customers, we set new standards and deliver value-adding solutions. We exhibit seriousness, confidence and respect.


We always challenge the standards in order to create the needs of tomorrow. Curiosity is in our nature, and together with knowledge, professionalism and passion, we create the future. We want to develop solutions so we can secure our position on the market and generate growth for our customers.

CBP history

  • 2019-21
    CBP sustainability strategy. And launch of a new bakery webshop concept.
  • 2017
    Sales and distribution partnership with Nordic Gluten Free Bakery and launch of glutenfree concepts for the Danish baker's trade and retail.
  • 2016
    Etablising innovation bakery DK-East
  • 2015
    Etablising a new business unit: CBP Nonfood+ . CBP BageriPartner changes its name to CBP.
  • 2014
    Two new business units are etablished: CBP Industry and CBP Retail & Convenience.
  • 2010
    Credin BageriPartner acquires Frederik Christiansen Food (FC). FC becomes a subsidiary of Credin BageriPartner.
  • 2009
    Credin BageriPartner acquires Inco's bagery division.
  • 2004
    Credin BageriPartner demerges into Credin and Credin BageriPartner (Two seperate limited liability companies).
  • 2003
    Credin and MaltCentralen merged into "Credin BageriPartner A/S".
  • 2002
    Orkla acquires the remaining 50% of Credin frem Palsgaard.
  • 2000
    Credin moves its varehouse/distribution from Juelsminde to Bødkervej in Vejle. Maltcentralen moves its entire activities from Ferrarivej to Bødkervej aswell.
  • 1999
    Palsgaard acquires 50% of MaltCentralen (joint venture). The Taastrup branch closes (from two regional branches to one system in Vejle). Cerealia sells MaltCentralen to Norwegian Orkla.
  • 1997
    Two independent profit centres are being etstablished.
  • 1993
    MaltCentralen A/S is acquired by KåKå AB. Odense, Aalborg og Kolding mergers in the Vejle Headquarters with new administration, distribution and test bakery facilities. Ringsted and Glostrup merge their distribution facilities in Taastrup. The sale of flour and bread mixes for bakeries is transferred to HavneMøllerne.
  • 1991
    The Cerealia group aquires HavneMøllerne and, Thus, also Maltcentralen A/S.
  • 1982
    Dansk Maltcentral A/S is sold to HavneMøllerne A/S, a longstanding close collaborative partner.
  • 1960-70
    Dansk Maltcentral A/S becomes the sole supplier to Danish bakeries.
  • 1940-50
    Dansk Maltcentral A/S supplies other products to bakeries, including production from own factory in Copenhagen.
  • 1931
    United Breweries (Carlsberg + Tuborg) found Dansk Maltcentral A/S as a platform for the sale of malt (bi-product from brewing of beer) to Danish Bakeries.