Two Business Units and
one Focus Category


- High professionalism and coaching to the artisan baker

All-round range of quality-assured raw materials to the artisan baker Wide marketing knowledge based on personal and trustful customer cooperation.

High level of professionalism that adds value to both the bakery and the shop.

Competent customer service, effective support and logistics that inspire a sense of security in a busy daily round.

Professional bakery guidance, product development and inspiration for new recipes and smart management.

Management tools and analytical models that help your company develop in the right direction.

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SPECIALISTSin bakery and foodservice

  • Bakery

    CBP's professional consultants help you with your business.

    Product development and trial baking in close cooperation with you and tailored to your shop and customer groups.

    Individual coaching, employee training and implementation of new, time-saving work processes.

    We offer network meetings and events with professional content as well as an opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

  • Foodservice

    Specialist in the professional kitchen.

    CBP is specialised in and dedicated to providing turnkey bakery solutions to professional kitchens.

    In addition to ingredients and quality raw materials for your own bread and cake production, we provide professional coaching directly in your own kitchen.

    CBP’s experts contribute to developing the professional bakery competencies of your employees and the kitchen through recipe development and trial baking.

    We contribute with marketing knowledge, insights into ecology and sustainable packaging.


We take on both large and small-scale tasks. CBP Industry delivers raw materials and is specialised in the supply of small amounts of special ingredients — always with Orkla’s documentation behind its back.

We go down with you on the floor. We work together on process and production that are tailored to your production equipment.

We are problem-solvers for existing products or work with innovation and development of entirely new ingredients for future products.

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- Specialists in packaging concepts

- Product development and tailored solutions

Development of packaging concepts that are tailored to your product range and contribute to generating extra sales.
Development of logo and tailored design matched to your target group.

Contribution with a wide market knowledge of sustainable packaging solutions tailored to consumer demand.
One-stop shop — clothing from top to toe, cleaning products, packaging as well as decorative and edible trimmings.

has a wide range put together to match your needs

- Cake boxes, cups, circles & decoration
- Bakery bags & tools
- Baking paper
- Moulds
- Plastic cups & trays
- Foil moulds
- Cleaning products
- Apparel
- Footwear
- Shop accessories
- Signs & customer printed matter
- Office supplies

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